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Fill It In Friday: Awesome!

fill it n friday

Missed Wealth Wednesday…damn…hate it when that happens.

Missed Thankful Thursday….that’s really bad.

So, here we are today to ‘fill it in’ on Friday. Better late than never, huh?

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I get to do something really cool tomorrow. Habitat for Humanity is dedicating several houses in our county tomorrow.  As Vice President of Helping Hands of Nocatee, Inc., I have the honor of presenting bags of books to the eleven children moving in. Normally, Tess, the founder of Project Storybook would be presenting these books, but she will be at a lacrosse tournament. This girl is amazing. She started Project Storybook when she was 13, because she wasn’t old enough to help build the houses. She noticed that the children didn’t really have anything special to look forward to, so she came up with the idea to raise money for books for the children. Each child gets a bag of 5 or 6 brand new, quality books when they move into their new house. Awesome! And tomorrow, I get to present the books to the kids. Double awesome! Helping Hands of Nocatee, Inc. raised $110, which provided books for about seven children. Really, really awesome!!

Feeling good on Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Fill It In Friday: Awesome!

  1. God bless Tess! What a wonderful idea! I have helped with Habitat for Humanity, and this is the first time that I really thought about the kiddos not having anything to open, or make them feel special, during the process. I am sure that the recipients are truly appreciative for this extra dose of thoughtfulness.

  2. That is such a great way to share with the children! It’s so great to see that there are still some kids these days that are thinking of others and coming up with ideas all on their own to change the world, even it is just one book at a time!

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