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Mom to Mom

As kids go back to school in our neck of the woods, my thoughts are with my fellow moms. This week I will feature my first six ‘Mom to Mom’ articles written for our community magazine, Between the Bridges. It has been such a pleasure sharing my thoughts with these women. I hope my words have helped them feel as wonderful as they are!

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Trust Me

By Libby Blumberg

March 2015

Motherhood. A word not easily defined. A responsibility with a distinct beginning, but no end. One of the most difficult jobs imaginable, yet desired in the hearts of millions of women everywhere.

My research found several definitions of mother and motherhood, often using these three words: authority, source, and origin. It was clear to me that the meaning of the word would be important to this column, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover how fitting it really is.

Discussions among mothers often include a barrage of questions. What is the best bottle or pacifier? How do I transition my child from a crib to a bed? Why is my child having tantrums? When and how should I potty train? How do I deal with the isolation that comes with being a stay-at-home-mom? What is the best way to prepare child #1 for child #2? The list is infinite.

One can search the internet to find a slew of answers to all of these questions and much more. Finding the problem in the index of a baby book will sometimes offer the solution. How about asking a relative who has been through motherhood before? Or post your question on social media and get a whole slew of answers! If you are lucky, as we are in Nocatee, you can occasionally gather with a group of other mom friends to share tips, tricks, and ideas.

Take a deep breath and hear this. Upon becoming a mother, you were given a precious gift. Think of it as your reward for taking on an extremely difficult job. Consider it your superpower. Call it your secret potion. It is what makes you ‘able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.’

Your gift: a mother’s instinct.

It is stronger than everything. It is smarter than the thickest book. It is more effective than an internet full of doctor recommendations. It trumps advice from your well-meaning relatives. It even surpasses the suggestions you get from other mothers going through (seemingly) the exact same thing. It is your authority, source, and origin. Nice, huh?

You must, however, listen in order to hear what it says. Stop for a moment and notice what your answer is before even asking the question. It is probably right there between you and your child, waiting to be heard. Your instinct makes you the authority on your child’s needs. It aligns you with the source of your solution. A mother’s instinct takes you back to your origin and gives you the wisdom you need.

Listen. It is saying…

Trust me.


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