You Just Don’t Get It

You just don’t get it. But I’ll explain it one last time.

This mommy thing is hard as hell. It doesn’t matter if I’m a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or a work outside the home mom. Notice the common thread. I am always MOM. Mom is it. The go to. Where the buck stops. The end all be all. The final answer. The rock.

Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not. Do I regret this choice? Hell no! Do I wish someone else would take my place? Not in a million years.

Let me tell you what I do want. It’s very simple. It can be expressed in one word. You’ve all heard it, from the time you were a little kid. It’s what we all want from the people we love. There’s even a song about it.


That’s all I want. I don’t want to trade jobs with you. I don’t want to complain. I don’t think you have it any easier than me. I don’t want my job to be any different. I don’t want to make comparisons. I just want the respect that I deserve for doing what I do and being who I am. I am mom.

When I need help, don’t make me beg. If I need to leave, don’t make me explain. If I need some time, just give it to me. If I can do something for myself, don’t turn it into an act of congress. When I’m at the end of my rope, pull me up.

Every once in a while, just stop and try on my shoes. They won’t fit. It doesn’t matter. They’re not supposed to. But they fit me perfectly. Respect that.

9 thoughts on “You Just Don’t Get It

  1. I’ve felt this way when trying to get time off to care for my developmentally disabled brother Stephen. Jobs are not family oriented and don’t understand what it is like to be responsible for a sibling with Autism. Trying to arrange days off so I can attend meetings at his group home or day treatment center is an exercise in bureaucracy! Many times I feel like a character in a Dickens novel begging for more.

  2. Anticipating the possibility of my 4 year old grand daughter coming to stay with us for a while brings back all those mom memories. It’s both exciting and scary, because I’m about to turn 60. Respect? You got it!

  3. I am not a Mom – not a “real” one, anyway. I have a young woman who “adopted” me several years ago and now has two little ones I adore. But I understand what you are saying and I do respect what every Mom goes through. I am feeling helpless at the moment as she is going through a lot and I just have to be there when she needs me and respect her boundaries when she doesn’t. Thank you for this post – I really respect you for it!

    1. You sound like a real mom to me. Yes, it is hard to know when to step in and when to hold back. Being there for her and always holding her in love and light is the best thing you can do. Thank you for sharing.

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