Package From Santa Starts a New Tradition for Your Family

Package From Santa Starts a New Tradition for Your Family

package Start a new and memorable tradition this Christmas with, the ONLY Santa memory service that does it ALL! Personalized LETTERS, PACKAGES, CALLS and VIDEOS from SANTA!

Do you want to see your children’s face light up in amazement when they get a personalized letter from Santa Claus? Of course you do! This not just a letter from Santa. It’s an amazing experience – it’s joy, memories, wonder and happiness in a box! You can choose a specific letter theme and then customize it yourself to include details that only Santa would know!


Every package also comes with a FREE personalized CALL and VIDEO FROM SANTA that can be scheduled any time. This techy part of the was unreal! So surprisingly well done and high-end and my kids LOVED it!

It’s such a joy to see my children continue to BELIEVE and really helped make the magic happen in my household this year! So grateful!

PFS has an A+ Rating with the BBB due to their unmatched high-touch customer service so you can be confident that you are making a wise purchase. They have real people on the phone ready to help answer questions. That’s unheard of these days! Such a nice touch.


The Silver Package ($24.95) comes in a red box & includes:

Personalized Letter from Santa
BONUS! Personalized Video from Santa (retail $9.99)
BONUS! Personalized Phone Call from Santa to a cell phone OR land line! (retail $9.99)
Personalized Nice List Certificate
Autographed Santa Claus Photo
Autographed Rudolph Photo
Genuine North Pole Stamp
…and so much more!

It also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Wow! They are THAT confident your child will LOVE it!

There are 3 different packages offered, so you can choose a price point that works with your budget. I will be reviewing the Silver package ($29.95).

Click here to see a video to learn more about this very special Santa memory service that will be part of my family for years to come

Order this holiday must-have for your child here and save 25% OFF your order when you use FAMS17 at checkout.



feel great

Feel Great with Healtop Products

Feel Great with Healtop Products…feel greatThank you to Healtop for my complimentary Moms Over 45 Bundle. The Natural Body Cream and Face Cream are smooth, feel good on my skin, and are made with natural ingredients like coconut and grape seed oil. The Balance dietary supplement is all natural and helpful to women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Things have certainly been different since turning 50 and entering perimenopause. I am grateful to have been introduced to these products.

Learn more about the people behind Healtop products here.

From Healtop: Essential products for women over the age of 45. The bundle includes 2 amazing 100% natural skin care products face and body and also the amazing natural supplement balance for women in menopause or perimenopause.  Products are vegan, cruelty FREE, paraben/sls/artificial scents FREE, manufactured under GMP, HACCP, ISO9000, ISO22000.

feel great feel great feel great

two helpful

Two Helpful Products for that Pain in the Neck

Two Helpful Products for that Pain in the Neck…

When your neck hurts, life is difficult. You can’t turn your head to look behind you while you’re backing up in the car. During the night, you sleep funny so you wake up feeling more stiff than you did the day before. You feel like your neck can’t hold up that big heavy head of yours. It just kind of sucks.

Well, I have found two great solutions, or at least a great deal of relief.

doTERRA® Products

PastTense Tension Blend: To help ground and balance emotions, PastTense uses a fresh, cooling aroma that can ease stressful feelings and promote a sense of calm.

two helpful


Deep Blue Roll On Soothing Blend: Formulated to soothe and cool, doTERRA Deep Blue Roll On is an enriched blend of oils perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout. Applies easily with the roller-ball applicator.

two helpful







Deep Blue Rub: doTERRA® Deep Blue Rub is a topical cream formulated with Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.


NextRelief Intense Cooling Formulation

NextRelief harnesses the power of arnica, aloe, tea tree oil, and more to soothe and relax your muscles and joints.

two helpful

two helpful






Deep Blue, Lemongrass, Past Tense


Discover New Italian Products in the Nonna Box

Discover New Italian Products in the Nonna Box…

Thank you to my new Italian friend, Guido, for my beautifully presented Nonna Box. Even before seeing all of the ingredients, recipes, and stories about Nonna, we were so impressed with the packaging and presentation.

My neighbor, who is also Italian, was especially excited because her children call their grandmother Nonna. After using the ingredients I needed, I gifted the box, recipes, and Moscato Wine Cream to her. She is a fabulous cook and will make the very best of it!


I am a simple cook, so I stuck with the Carnaroli Rice. Easy to make, yet delicious. Cooked with olive oil, white wine, and vegetable broth, this easy dish will fill you up. Top it with saved parmesan cheese for an extra layer of flavor.



The Corn Cookies are absolutely delicious! Just like corn bread, but prettier and with a delightful crunch. We use the Acacia Honey in our tea and as a dip for apples.


Visit their website and find out more about Guido and his Nonna. Then order a Nonna Box for yourself!

fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers: Who Uses Them and Why?

Fitness Trackers: Who Uses Them and Why?

fitness tracker

Back in the day, I used a pedometer as a fitness tracker. It was always fun working toward those 10,000 steps a day. Well now, of course, the gadgets are much more sophisticated and technological. I tried a Fitbit for less than a day and decided it wasn’t for me. It was as simple as not wanting something on my wrist. I had given up watches a long time ago. My skin had become increasingly sensitive to all sorts of jewelry.

So, it got me thinking. I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t use some sort of fitness tracker. That can’t be true, so I conducted a little survey of my Facebook friends to find out. They were asked the following questions:

  • Do you use a fitness tracker and why?
  • If you don’t use a fitness tracker, what is your reason?
  • If you would like to use one, but haven’t purchased one yet, why not?

The overall results came to this:

  • 15 people answered my survey
  • 4 people have never used one
  • 1 person used to use one and doesn’t anymore
  • 10 people use one and love it

What they said about NOT using one:

  • “I heard they aren’t really as accurate as they claim. I also don’t want to become obsessed with tracking.”
  • “I know if I am fit. I know myself well.”
  • “I try to live in the dark ages without technology tracking my every move.” (my personal favorite response)

The response I found interesting was the one from the person who used to have one and got rid of it:

“It gave me a false sense of working out which led to entitlement eating.” She went on to discuss the difference between the benefits of walking versus focus on body composition. She wanted to pay more attention to weight lifting, cardio, yoga, and Pilates.

Of those who use them, there were six with Fitbits, two with Garmin Vivos, and two with Apple Watches. Fitbits tend to have charging issues. Those who have the Garmins switched because they were tired of charging the Fitbit or had gone through so many. Apple Watch looks like the most comprehensive and convenient, doing much more than tracking fitness activity.

One responder mentioned that her husband’s insurance company gives them points for using their Fitbit Flex 2, which they can convert into cash. She almost has me sold!

This is one of those instances where the phrase to each his own is appropriate. Whether you use one or not and which one you use all depends on personal preference. And that’s what makes the world go ‘round.

fitness tracker

Thank you to Fitness Jockey for the opportunity to chime in on the subject of fitness trackers. Hop on over there for this article:

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