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You know, it’s funny. I never drank coffee before my daughter was born. I always laughed at those people who had to have a cup before they could start their day. Well, now, I’m kind of one of those people.

But here’s what’s really funny. I started drinking it to keep myself awake during the days after all-nighters with my newborn. Now, she’s almost four and it’s a habit for me. But she gets to me before I get to my first cup and wants stuff. The only solution is to wake up before she does and that would only make me more tired and in need of more coffee.


I’m completely screwed, right?!


imageI’m being reminded of the early days of motherhood. The zombie life. She hasn’t napped for three days. Fell asleep at 5:30pm. Awake at 10:30pm. Not back to sleep until 1:30am. Up again at 6:30am. Ugh. I just don’t know how I functioned for all those months without sleep. It’s amazing how quickly we forget.

I guess vacation’s over.