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fun times

Fun Times Friday

Our babysitter, also our daughter’s cousin, took this picture last week. They were playing hide and seek. It just makes me smile. Happy Friday everybody!


fun times

I am really sick of this nagging thought in my head. I’m hoping that if I write about it, I can at least begin to purge it from my thoughts and get rid of it all together. 

What I truly feel: I work hard. I am a mother. I am an artist. I am a volunteer. I am a friend. I am a daughter. I am a wife. I usually don’t make a single cent from any of this. Someone very close to me refers to some of this as ‘bulls–t.’

What nags at me: I need time away from the mother part to do some of the other parts. In order to get that, I need to pay someone to take care of my child. If I don’t make any money from this other stuff, how can I justify paying a babysitter?

What I truly feel: I deserve the time to do my own thing. I don’t need justification. 

What nags at me: Someone close to me and possibly other people don’t always agree. And I wonder if I really do deserve it. 

What I truly feel: Tired of second guessing myself and a bit depressed.