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first draft

First Draft

And we’re off! 5:27 pm on Friday April 1, 2016. The first draft of my book has been sent for edit number one. God help me.

Much gratitude to my Kula for gathering yesterday to hear excerpts, take fun photos, and celebrate this first step! They are beautiful, aren’t they?

first draft


heart beat

Heart Beat

The heart begins its dance in a very private place. It needs not be told how.

The beat is steady and the music is strong.

When it emerges to be of this world, it is forced to learn about pain.

But the beat is still steady and the music is strong.

People ask things of it and question its worth. It sends its love out but often comes up short.

Yet the beat is steady and the music is strong.

When the heart knows it is safe and offers love to another,

Then, that heart feels safe and offers love to yet another.

Then three hearts beat steady and the music is strong.

The dance goes on and on and before you know it,

Everyone’s heart feels safe and every heart feels love.

The beat is steady.

The music is strong.

The dance is forever beautiful.

heart beat


sunday sillies

Sunday Sillies

Sunday Sillies sunday

All kidding aside, I am so very proud of my little girl and the way she is handling this change in her life. She has been so good about wearing her glasses all the time and really seems to understand the importance. And there’s no doubt that she enjoys all the compliments! Thanks to everyone who has made her feel beautiful.


happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know!

happy birthday

Mom’s Memorable Monday

Happy 75th, Mom! You are beautiful!

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