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Awakened at 6:00 am by daughter.

Husband slept until 9.

Daughter is acting especially pissy.

I have escaped upstairs.

I hope this day gets better.

Later that day…

Had ramen noodles for lunch.

Listened to my child scream a lot.

Just watched a depressing movie.

Nope. Didn’t get better.

Pretty much sucked.





I realized today that I feel exponentially better than I did when I wrote ‘Impulse’. I was trying to pinpoint the reason for the improvement today, and really, the only thing that comes up is my writing. I had a hunch that this blog would help me simply by sharing my voice. I have no idea who’s listening, but it really doesn’t matter. I’m listening and it works.

I expected this to be the week from hell. My nanny cancelled on Tuesday because she was sick…no yoga and no errands. My husband went out of town today until Friday….hate it when that happens. I have to miss yoga again tomorrow because of 2 meetings. No yoga makes mommy cranky.

However, I must say, I have been rather pleasant to be around. My daughter has acted a little less like a typical 2 year old, and I have actually accomplished a few things. It feels good. Can’t believe it!

Now, excuse me while I savor this quiet house with a glass of wine.