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Mama’s Confessions

I have some confessions to make.











My daughter and I are on day two of complete togetherness and we’re not used to that. She spent all day yesterday in complete agony that culminated in a visit with an ENT. She has her first ever ear infection. And her adenoids are unusually large. And she needs an antibiotic for ten days. And she needs an inhaler for 30 days. OMG.

What you need to know about my daughter is that she is strong-willed, she hates to take medicine, hates to blow her nose, hates to be poked and prodded by doctors and parents, and most definitely hates foreign objects like inhalers coming within five feet of her!! I can’t believe we survived the camera up her nose yesterday. The look on her face made me think of The Exorcist. The doc let me look at her adenoids. That was a first for me. Definitely large. Definitely red. But what do I know?

Antibiotic: One down, nine to go.

Inhaler: One down, 29 to go. Crap!

We will follow doctors orders because the alternative of surgery will not be fun for anybody, especially mama. That won’t go well for me. I promise that.

So, I confess today to all of you, the following:

  • I wish Emma could have gone to school today and left me alone for a while.
  • The next 30 days are gonna suck.
  • She might eat nothing but popsicles, cupcakes, and gummy bears for a while.
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish she were more passive.
  • If she has to have surgery, I’m gonna need a lot of alcohol.

Thank you. That felt good.