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fathers day

CD Giveaway for Father’s Day!

Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for this complimentary CD in exchange for my review and giveaway.

fathers day

I can totally see my daughter and me hanging out and singing with these guys! This music makes us feel like we’re at a camp site, singing around the camp fire, having a good ole time! Our favorites are “Skip to My Lou” and “Jig Along Home”. Emma said, while shaking her little tush side to side, “I like this one. It makes me feel like dancing!”

fathers day

This is a perfect Father’s Day gift, especially for dads who appreciate the stories told through this kind of “deep woods” music. Win a copy before it is released on June 23rd! Go to my Facebook page to enter my giveaway.

fathers day



review and giveaway

Celebrating Bob Marley!





In partnership with 1World Chorus, children from various countries cover Bob Marley classics to celebrate the reggae legend’s continuing legacy.  A portion of proceeds benefit educational programs. Digital release is due on April 28th.


review and giveaway


Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for the free download of ‘Celebrating Bob Marley’ in exchange for this review.

What an awesome way to share the classic Bob Marley with my daughter! The voices of the children, both in solos and ensembles, are adorable. What could be better than a collection of feel good songs sung by happy children? This will certainly be great for dancing, listening, relaxing, and laughing with my daughter.

Beyond the amazing happiness of the music is the support for school music programs. 1World Chorus – a collaboration of children 7 to 18 years of age, from Kenya, Colombia, the United States and Jamaica, produced this collection and is donating a portion of the proceeds to the participating schools. No value can be placed on the influence this project has had on those children. You can be a part of that experience by purchasing the digital album starting April 28th on iTunes, Amazon, and Tuff Gong Worldwide.

A legend lives on !


Enter the giveaway at the bottom for a free download of one song, Jamming.

There will be three winners!

Los Angeles, CA (April 8, 2015) – As a part of the year-long Bob Marley 70th birthday celebration in 2015, Ziggy Marley’s Tuff Gong Worldwide has partnered with 1World Chorus to reimagine some of the Marley’s most timeless songs. Celebrating Bob Marley will be available on April 28, digitally via iTunes, Amazon and Tuff Gong Worldwide.

This ten-track collection was performed entirely by Aaron Nigel Smith’s 1World Chorus – a collaboration of children 7 to 18 years of age, from Kenya, Colombia, the United States and Jamaica. Judah Marley10 year old granddaughter of the late reggae icon, also makes a guest vocal appearance on “Bend Down Low.” Under Smith’s direction, these budding musicians performed everything from the first drumbeat to the last vocal take, tracking the album over 18 months in studios around the world. During the production process, the children strengthened their own musicianship and learned basic recording techniques.

Bob Marley loved sharing music with children: teaching his own kids, guiding them to form Ziggy Marley & Melody Makers, and penning their first song “Children Playing in the Streets.” Marley’s affinity for children also shines through in the timeless “Is This Love” video from 1978 (filmed in London and featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell as a 7 year old). Celebrate Bob Marley reinforces how deeply Marley’s musical imprint and message of “One Love” continues to reach, resonating with kids of all ages.

In addition to providing free music workshops to schools participating in this special project, a portion of sales will benefit these music programs. Further, 1World Chorus has partnered with some of the nation’s leading companies to provide ongoing support to the project. Remo Drums, Martin Guitars and Guitar Center have all donated musical instructions to the schools, with Keen Footwear donating socks and shoes to the students. Celebrating Bob Marley  will be available for sale at all Aaron Nigel Smith concerts this spring and summer, including the Rox in Sox  festival in Las Vegas on April 11th.


Tuff Gong was founded in 1965 by Bob Marley with the vision of producing, distributing and promoting his music free from the constraints of corporate label politics. Decades before artist-owned record labels were commonplace, the legendary Bob Marley’s vision was characteristically well ahead of its time. Now, nearly a half-century later, his dream is being realized. With Tuff Gong Worldwide, Ziggy Marley continues a dream of this father to own and manage not only his music, but nearly every other aspect of his career as well. From record label operations to book publishing, Ziggy records and self-releases all of his solo studio albums, including his 7th and most recent GRAMMY-winning release, Fly Rasta (2014). Ziggy also won a Best Musical Album for Children GRAMMY Award in 2010 for Family Time.  Head to www.tuffgongworldwide.com and ziggymarley.com for more information.


1World Chorus strives to demonstrate and promote unity through the performing arts, with an emphasis on the transformative communal experience of choral singing, drumming, and ‘rock band’ performance.  Under the direction of award-winning children’s music educator, performer and producer and PBS TV personality Aaron Nigel Smith, it has become a global collective of children who share a passion for playing and performing music together.  Since its inception in 2006, 1World Chorus has collaborated with hundreds of children in 3 countries and 2 continents with a focus on lifelong community connections, educational opportunities, and authentic self-expression. Visit http://www.oneworldchorus.org/ and http://www.aaronnigelsmith.com/ for more information.

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ebook review

Ebook Review and Giveaway!



Tales of Spook

Written by Lady Jenniviere

Reviewed by Bella Erb, a Creative Blog Mom Follower

I have to be honest, when I saw the cover of this book, I thought it was going to be for a much younger audience. The cover looks quite childish. I was pleasantly surprised though! I loved this book! I would classify this as a funny horror story. I believe this is a good book for the 9-12 year old group, and boys and girls will both enjoy this book. I’m a huge fan of non-fiction, but have never really enjoyed reading fiction too much. The story line is captivating. The author does a great job developing the characters. The story line was definitely unique. I would most certainly recommend this book, and definitely read it again. The epilogue was nice, but it wasn’t completely clear on how the author wanted to describe Stacey. During the book I thought she was sweet, yet the epilogue stated otherwise, and that he should’ve made better friends. Overall the book was actually very intriguing with a few minor exceptions.



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Zack & Quack: Pop into Easter!

kaboom! entertainment provided me with a free Zack & Quack DVD in exchange for this review and giveaway.










If your child likes pop-up books, he or she will LOVE Zack & Quack!  It is a terrific combination of 2D and 3D paper characters, some of which look a bit like origami, and pop-up books, which serve as the scenery for the stories. Zack & Quack are a boy and a duck who solve problems together, like curing hiccups and helping the Easter Bunny round up the chocolate chickens. The five episodes also include a trip to the circus, a boomerang adventure, and an Easter egg hunt.  Each story is action packed and a whole lot of fun!

Visit kaboom! entertainment on Facebook and Twitter for more fun filled DVDs!

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book review

Book Review & Giveaway

book review
Mr. Sandberg gifted a Kindle version of this book to me in exchange for this review and giveaway.


Book Review and Giveaway










Of course, my three-year old daughter doesn’t know what a real canker sore is, but she certainly giggled when she heard the title. These photos represent our second or third reading.

book review
The picture of her staring at the screen in this collage almost does the review for me! Notice the attention, excitement, and happiness in her face. She is not only enjoying the story, but seems to be anxiously awaiting the next scene!



Emma enjoyed the repeated phrase in the book: “The First Rule is no biting.” Mr. Sandberg is obviously aware that repetition is one of the keys to reading comprehension in young children. When a phrase or word is repeated, the child not only can recite it, but can follow the story closely enough to know when it’s coming. Really fun to watch.


We both enjoyed the ending in which Cankersaur bites his way out of a circus cage when Candy tells him that sometimes it’s okay to break the First Rule! But later, safely at home with Candy, he knew he would always obey the First Rule “while having tea and cupcakes with his best friends”.

Jason Sandberg has written and illustrated a delightful children’s book for girls and boys of a wide age range. The colorful characters and facial expressions pair nicely with the whimsy and clever intricacies of the story. Emma and I look forward to enjoying this book for years to come.

book review

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