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attention getter

My Little Attention Getter

This photo got a lot of attention on my Facebook and Instagram pages last week. Sure, the mums are pretty and Emma looks cute. She rarely volunteers to pose for photos, so I was definitely pleased. The thing that probably caused the buzz was how much older she looks. She’s only 3. Will be 4 in February. She’s a tall drink of water. Her glasses and hair age her as well.

I’m thinking volleyball player. What do you think?

attention getter


sunday sillies

Sunday Sillies

Sunday Sillies sunday

All kidding aside, I am so very proud of my little girl and the way she is handling this change in her life. She has been so good about wearing her glasses all the time and really seems to understand the importance. And there’s no doubt that she enjoys all the compliments! Thanks to everyone who has made her feel beautiful.



Silent Sunday Reflections

reflections reflections reflections reflections

Drink Wine from a Masterpiece

Drinking wine is extra special in these beautiful hand painted glasses from Valentina Paris on Amazon. Not only does each glass hold a full bottle of wine, but drinking from a masterpiece of gently swirled colors gives any occasion a sophistication and flare. Each set is unique with a pattern that will never be repeated.


Thank you to my buddy, Sonya, for helping me break in these new additions to my kitchen. And thank you to Valentina Paris for my heavily discounted glasses in exchange for sharing my review. We will enjoy these for years to come! Cheers!




Now I can see, but I look like my father!


OMG! These new glasses make me look like my dad!

What do you think?

(Be nice.)I look like my father