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Sleep Well and Relax With Cuppa Magic

Sleep Well and Relax With Cuppa Magic

You will be amazed with the lovely ingredients in this tea. They are all so healthy and fresh, combined to ease you into relaxation and sleep. Enjoy this tea with honey or a lemon wedge or both.

Sweet dreams to you!

sleep well sleep well sleep wellProduct Description

RELAXING SLEEP TEA – 14 Day – Herbal Bedtime Calming Aid – Helps Insomnia and Anxiety – Peaceful Mind and Body – Organic Superior Quality – With Ginger Root – Chamomile – Holy Basil – Saffron

  • WRESTLING WITH INSOMNIA? – Look no further – Do you have problems falling asleep – staying asleep – a disrupted sleep cycle – or just need help relaxing? – get back on track with our Chamomile & Ginger + sleep aid – works like a charm every night
    UNWIND – Reduce stress after a long frustrating day – anti-stress – soothing – calms your nerves – helps you relax & get sleepy – supports emotional balance – eliminate anxious moments – aromatic comforting flavors – a perfect way to end a busy day
    DRUG FREE – Natural side effect free brew – easier and better way to snooze – avoid taking addictive & damaging medication – Oxygen purified teabags – no strings attached – some other brands leave debris and grass like particles in your mouth – not these!
    FRAGRANT & DELICIOUS HERBAL BLEND – Some other teas smell pungent like cat urine – seriously taste horrible – Can’t trick your friends to drink it – BUT our tea tastes pleasant & palatable – has a mix of delightful subtle floral flavors & a soothing aroma
    NO WORRIES – Incredibly effective for most people – your body chemistry plays a part in how you react to different things – we understand – know that you are protected by our 60 day refund guarantee – Happy dreams!


Healthy Feet with Vive

Healthy Feet with Vive…

Vive Health’s Foot Stretcher might just be the answer to many people who have foot problems like plantar fasciitis. After dancing for most of my life, I certainly know the pain and inconvenience of many foot injuries and strains. Until I started wearing the proper shoes, I lived with plantar fasciitis for many months. I wish I had known about the Foot Stretcher. There are also at least two friends of mine, a retired nurse and a runner, who would benefit from this product. It is easy to use, feels comfortable, and comes with clear instructions for two important exercises to stretch and strengthen the foot, hamstring, and calf.

Thank you to Vive Health for my complimentary Foot Stretcher in exchange for this review. You can purchase it on Amazon and on the Vive Health website for only $14.99.

Here’s to healthy feet!

healthy healthy healthy


More information from Vive:

The Vive foot stretcher is a versatile device designed to help alleviate foot pain and strengthen the plantar fasciia. This product enables you to stretch your foot with ease and comfort, and is supported by two rubber strip pads that prevent it from moving around during use. Fits most shoe sizes.


  • Rocker Design

    Maximizes the stretching motion to ensure an even stretch throughout the foot. 

  • heel lock

    Raised back allows for the heel to lock in place while stretching.

  • Angled Foot Plate

    Allows for a maximum stretch and ankle straightening capabilities.

  • Anti-Slip

    Bottom of the stretcher is lined with two non-slip rubber strips for stability.

    Universal Size


    One size fits all. Designed for both left and right foot

Birthday Goal


I’m turning 47 on July 10th. I am so tired of feeling unbalanced. So I’m setting some goals for my birthday. Maybe this is enough for now. 

  1. Get a job.

  2. Feel better.

  3. Have a schedule. 

  4. Take good care of myself. 

If this doesn’t work, I’ll go with the blanket fort.