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Giveaway on Shanti Mom For One!

Giveaway on Shanti Mom For One!


Oddball is a dog. A really sweet dog. But he’s a dog who gets into a lot of trouble. Until he finds his calling…penguins. “Oddball” is a sweet, loving, and happily ending story for the whole family. The cast of characters, both human and not, are as different from each other as they can be. But somehow they all come together to show that persistence, love, and instincts can solve the toughest problems. We promise you will adore this movie! Enter my giveaway to win the DVD or Digital Copy.

A little more from Entertainment One:

“Oddball is based on the true story of an eccentric chicken farmer, who with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town.”

Thank you to Momentum Pictures for our complimentary CD in exchange for this review and giveaway. Good luck everybody!!

Shanti Mom For One is my main site, through which I connect with other moms looking for a way to transition from a life dominated by the needs of little people to a more balanced existence with peace, joy, and contentment. You can join my Facebook group and be part of the conversation. Moms are amazing. I’ll try to remind you of that every day.

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Hey, faithful followers, please follow me where I go. You can stay right here too. But I would love to see you on my new site, Shanti Mom For One. I’ll explain that site in a moment, but this site is changing its name to Blog Mom Reviews. This site will be all reviews…CD’s, DVD’s, books, women’s products, children’s products, yoga gear, and whatever else they throw my way.

There is a group of you who like and comment on my posts and I would especially love for you to visit and follow Shanti Mom For One. I hope this works! I appreciate you.

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Shanti Mom For One is specially designed for women and moms but you don’t have to be one of those to follow along. You can also join my FB group, which is an open forum for celebrations, frustrations, questions, and accomplishments.

I am Shanti Mom, a mother of one, honoring and celebrating all moms as an Author, Artist, and Educator. As a retired dance educator and ‘mother of advanced age’, my unique perspective on motherhood keeps life interesting.

My husband, Jeff, is a regional sales rep for the MAPEI Corporation. He loves his job, does very well, and provides for our family. We love him for that.


My very first book, In So Many Words, is available on Amazon. I have begun working on my second book, due out in the fall of 2017. Its working title is She Waited for Me.

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As the Oh BaBee! Originals  founder and artist, I design, create, and sell baby shower and nursery decor, frames, wreaths, and greeting cards. I mostly sell to fellow moms in my community.

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Fundanoodle is an educational product line for kids from age 2-6. The games, books, and activities are designed by Occupational Therapists to better prepare children for fine motor skill tasks like holding a pencil, using scissors, and tying shoes.


I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Yoga Therapy. I teach group classes, private lessons, and serve as a substitute for local studios. My classes are gentle, modified, and meditative. Teaching yoga gets me out of the house and keeps me grounded and balanced.

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Your Oxygen Mask

“If you are travelling with small children, please put on your oxygen mask first and then assist your child.”

Have you ever really thought about the significance of that airline emergency procedure we have heard hundreds of times? It usually made sense to me, but also made me a bit nervous. I often wondered about the helplessness of a small child and how nerve wracking that would be for all involved. Yeesh!

Now, I totally get it. And I sincerely want you to get it too.

There has actually been a great deal of talk lately among our large circle of moms about great things happening in our lives. And guess what! A lot of it has nothing to do with our kids! Imagine that!

We have been getting healthy and fit, reaching birthday milestones, starting new jobs, celebrating anniversaries, fulfilling dreams, accomplishing goals, taking vacations, serving our community, and the list goes beautifully on and on. Way to go, mamas!

In the August issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, there is an article by Christine Carter called 10 Steps to Family Happiness. Step One: Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First. It continues on by stating, ‘How happy parents are dramatically affects how happy and successful their kids are.’ We can translate that by saying something we have heard a million times. You are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Or maybe the old adage: If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!

It really is quite true and I can’t express enough how proud I am of my fellow moms who have taken this seriously and put into action the things that will bring you peace. And don’t even think about using the ‘S’ word when you do this. No, you are not being the least bit selfish when you do something, just for you, bringing the health and happiness necessary to do your most important job…to be mom. Take that “S” word out of your vocabulary and never give it another thought.

So, if for any reason, you have not had the chance to take this leap into self-preservation, stop and think about something. Think of one thing you want to do for yourself. It can be as simple as reading a book or watching great movies. It can be as grand as going back to school or training for a marathon. Whatever it may be, begin making an effort to do it. It will take some time and practice to get used to doing this foreign thing. This thing, which is for you and you, alone. Keep practicing. Keep doing it. Before you know it, you will feel that oxygen flowing more freely through you. You will be a different person, a different mom, and you will love yourself for it. Everyone around you will love you more than they already do.

Put on your oxygen mask and breathe deeply.


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Yoga…Moms…Good Combo

good combo
A nice little tidbit from KIWI Magazine

Birth of a Salesperson?

funda cover

I am not a salesperson, but I sold the hell out of this product today! When the product sells itself, my job is pretty easy. Thanks so much to my new Fundanoodle customers!

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