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Photos Help Tell the Story

Photos Help Tell the Story…

When I was little, my father almost always had a camera in his hand. And I was almost always more than willing to pose on the other side of the lens. Since then, photos have been a large part of my life.

There are a handful of photos in my upcoming book, In So Many Words, due for release on Friday November 4th. Special people, sentimental items, and one sacred space all help me tell my story. The people are still around but a few of the things are gone. While this makes me a bit sad, the photos preserve the warmth in my heart.

In So Many Words will be available on Amazon and on my new site, Shanti Mom for One, on Friday November 4th. For now, please visit my YouTube channel for an inside look from my Kula and me.


About age 2 at Gramma’s house.
About age 2-3 on Christmas Day at home in Chicago. Only the years are gone from this.


My Kula. Kate, Donna, Mary, MaryAnne. Still alive and kickin’ like you wouldn’t believe!
Various stages of my writing journey and my publisher, Jamar.
My sacred space, Ocean Yoga Center. One of the things that is no longer there.
Some things that helped me tell my story. The fertility drugs and syringes are LONG gone, thankfully! The baby clothes, used and gone. The others still remain.

Leap of Faith

Well, I did it. Jumped. Took the leap of faith.

The process has begun for my first book. Thank you to Jamar Suber of Suber Media Group for stepping across my path on this journey. This will be a collaborative effort with wise and wonderful people. I am excited and nervous, but I know the outcome will be amazing! Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the ride.

leap of faith


two things

Two Things

I’ve come to realize that there I two things I can no longer tolerate.

1.) Big, loud crowds

2.) Unreliable people

Am I getting old? Wiser? two things