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Magnetic Hide and Seek Board

Abby and Emma Magnetic Dress Up

My daughter has an abundance of toys. Whenever her father comes home with something new, I have a mixed feeling between excitement and dread. Where is that going to go? What do we have to get rid of to give the new guy a spot? Some toys never go away, either because she plays them to death, or because they hold strong sentimental value. Some toys are so just so cool, different, and special. I just cant stand the thought of passing them on. Her Melissa & Doug toys top that category.

Melissa & Doug┬áis having an amazing sale on their Classic Toys. I was amazed at how many of them have been in my daughter’s collection for a while now. She adores them. Here are some more from her collection…

Wooden ABC 123 Learning Blocks

Beginner Pattern Blocks