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Barbie, Really?

Dear Barbie,

It happened. My house has been over taken by Barbie. Some are princesses, some are princes. Some are headless. Some are always naked.

I really don’t mind. They seem to get along well. They share each other’s clothes and shoes. They have nice parties in the doll house. They even bathe with my daughter and drink bubble bath tea.
























The latest addition was the Barbie car. It comes with seat belts, to which my daughter exclaims, “Safety first!” Ken recently joined the crowd and has been taking etiquette lessons from Prince Eric and Prince Phillip. He’s got a lot to learn.













As much as I really do love to see my daughter playing with them, I’ve got a serious beef with you. Here are my questions, little lady:

1.) Why do your fingers have to be so darn sharp? They got caught on everything!

2.) Can’t you make pants that don’t split when Ken sits down?

3.) Will you ever get to come down off of your toes? That’s gotta hurt!

4.) Have you invented a brush that can actually brush your unruly hair?

I look forward to your response. In the meantime, Ken will just have to stay on his feet.


Mom With a Beef





Dear Santa

Translation for my daughter’s letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, can I have a Baby Alive Doll, Play Doh, a Kite, Necklaces for my princesses, costumes for Baby Alive, a Jasmine doll, and a Prince Eric doll? Thank you.

Love, Emma

dear sants

Thank you!

thank youThank you to The Baby Spot for sharing my Disney Kids post! Our princesses had so much fun dining, dancing, and playing together!

I look forward to more blogging and writing collaborations with The Baby Spot!

thank you thank you thank you



cute things

Hanging Princesses

This just in!

A significant development in the tale of the hanging princesses from my Friday post “Kids do such cute things”.

Apparently, the hanging princesses are just like “caterpillars in their raccoons”. Translation: Caterpillars in their cocoons.

Of course, as a former elementary school teacher, I had to explain that the proper term is chrysalis, but we can save that for another day.

Meanwhile, the cuteness continues!

cute things

cute things

Kids do such cute things!

cute things

One of the many advantages of being a stay at home mom is witnessing the amazingly cute things my daughter does while playing. Her imagination is remarkable with unending creativity. Most of it makes me giggle. Some of it blows my mind. All of it makes me smile, without fail.

Her current obsessions are princesses and play dough. You wouldn’t think the two would be compatible, but my daughter can prove you wrong. She also apparently thinks that it’s perfectly normal for princesses to hang upside down in plantation blinds! I can only assume that these are superhero princesses. Doesn’t surprise me a bit.

cute things

And of course, any good play time must include a tea party. In this case, it was a hot (warm) chocolate party. Looking so darn pretty in her Cinderella dress and 80’s sequin headband, I couldn’t resist a few action shots.

Such cute things!

cute things