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Sleep Well and Relax With Cuppa Magic

Sleep Well and Relax With Cuppa Magic

You will be amazed with the lovely ingredients in this tea. They are all so healthy and fresh, combined to ease you into relaxation and sleep. Enjoy this tea with honey or a lemon wedge or both.

Sweet dreams to you!

sleep well sleep well sleep wellProduct Description

RELAXING SLEEP TEA – 14 Day – Herbal Bedtime Calming Aid – Helps Insomnia and Anxiety – Peaceful Mind and Body – Organic Superior Quality – With Ginger Root – Chamomile – Holy Basil – Saffron

  • WRESTLING WITH INSOMNIA? – Look no further – Do you have problems falling asleep – staying asleep – a disrupted sleep cycle – or just need help relaxing? – get back on track with our Chamomile & Ginger + sleep aid – works like a charm every night
    UNWIND – Reduce stress after a long frustrating day – anti-stress – soothing – calms your nerves – helps you relax & get sleepy – supports emotional balance – eliminate anxious moments – aromatic comforting flavors – a perfect way to end a busy day
    DRUG FREE – Natural side effect free brew – easier and better way to snooze – avoid taking addictive & damaging medication – Oxygen purified teabags – no strings attached – some other brands leave debris and grass like particles in your mouth – not these!
    FRAGRANT & DELICIOUS HERBAL BLEND – Some other teas smell pungent like cat urine – seriously taste horrible – Can’t trick your friends to drink it – BUT our tea tastes pleasant & palatable – has a mix of delightful subtle floral flavors & a soothing aroma
    NO WORRIES – Incredibly effective for most people – your body chemistry plays a part in how you react to different things – we understand – know that you are protected by our 60 day refund guarantee – Happy dreams!



You know, it’s funny. I never drank coffee before my daughter was born. I always laughed at those people who had to have a cup before they could start their day. Well, now, I’m kind of one of those people.

But here’s what’s really funny. I started drinking it to keep myself awake during the days after all-nighters with my newborn. Now, she’s almost four and it’s a habit for me. But she gets to me before I get to my first cup and wants stuff. The only solution is to wake up before she does and that would only make me more tired and in need of more coffee.


I’m completely screwed, right?!

sweet child of mine

Sweet Child of Mine

How much more could I possibly love this sweet child of mine?

sweet child of mine

Bedtime conversation:

Me: Go to sleep, honey.

Emma: You too.

Me: OK. I will.

Emma: And just dream. No headache.

Me: Ok, sweetie.

Emma: If it comes back, just call me.

Me: I will. Thank you, sweetie. Goodnight.

Emma. Goodnight, mama.


song series

Emma’s Song Series #5: Chanting

Emma’s Song Series #5: Chanting

song series
Emma had hiccups all the time in the womb. She gets them a lot now too.
HICC-EM-UPS (chanted)

Hicc-em-ups, go away.

Don’t come back another day.

We don’t like you, I should say.

Hicc-em-ups, go away.



BOUNCY BABY (chanted)original smile

Bouncy baby, bouncy baby,

Time to go to sleep.

Bouncy baby, bouncy baby,

Time to count sheep.

song series

Emma’s Song Series: #1 “Go To Sleep”

Emma’s Song Series

I’ve written a few songs, both original and “to the tune of”, for my daughter in the last 3.5 years. Someday, I plan to publish them or whatever. I thought I might start by putting them here.

GO TO SLEEP (sung to the tune of Brahms’ Lullaby)

Go to sleep, Emma Grace.

Dream of all things around you.

Dream of butterflies in the sky, flying way up high.

Dream to dance, dream to sing, dream to be anything.

Go to sleep, Emma Grace.

First, I’ll kiss your face.

song series