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Book Update: Motivated!

About a month into taking the leap toward writing my first book, I am more motivated than ever! The farm atmosphere over Christmas encouraged me to get some good writing done. I started out trying to write with good grammar and big words, but I quickly discovered how frustrating that was. So, I just simply wrote. Got my thoughts out. Jotted things down whenever they came to me. It was quite liberating.

My collaborators (my kula) are enthusiastically on board and ready for our first meeting next week. It will be a wonderful reunion as well as a giant springboard for more juicy writing. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, perhaps, I will look back on what I wrote and do some light editing. Or I will reflect on my subject matter and see what flows out. Either way, progress will be made.



So many thoughts…so little space!

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space in your head for your thoughts?







I do. So, I am going to open up my head and empty it right here, right now!!

  • Happy Birthday Jayne!
  • Where is my husband?
  • Are we going to food truck night? Is Lauren going?
  • What should I do after yoga tomorrow?
  • Have to be home by 2:00 to go to Disney on Ice.
  • Should I go to One Spark?
  • What am I going to say to my doctor on Monday, because I’m not happy!!
  • You need to finish Laura’s banner by Tuesday.
  • Get the audio book for your road trip.
  • I’m so tired.


And I’m spent.