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earth day

Earth Day with Charity and the JAMband

Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for my complimentary CD in exchange for this review.

Tomorrow, we celebrate Earth Day, and I have the privilege of sharing Charity and the JAMband‘s music with a group of little people. Their new CD, Earth, is a collection of sweet, soft, rock and roll songs that celebrate “the Earth, our interbeing, and the power of compassion, kindness, mindfulness, intentional action and community to transform our hearts and our world.” I love that Charity focuses on mindfulness in her music. The world needs more of that. And if we teach it to our children at a very young age, positive and loving transformation is possible.

We especially enjoy Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart and Pebble Meditation Song. These songs make children feel unique and special and remind them to breathe in and breathe out every day. So incredibly sweet. Can’t wait to share!

Earth comes out on Earth Day, April 22nd. Visit www.jamjamjam.com for the latest updates.

earth day

earth day

earth day
San Francisco Public Library Tricycle Music Festival 2011.photo by Jason Doiy

earth day

earth day

More information from Sugar Mountain PR:

Groove on down to ‘EARTH’ with Charity and the JAMband

A new album, the first since 2012, arrives on Earth Day, April 22!

San Francisco, April 2016 – Fermenting fun amidst the organic and inspirational environment of San Francisco, Charity and the JAMband have spent the past decade-and-a-half serving up delightfully groovy tunes for young ones and their big people. This spring, Charity Kahn and her merry band release their most deeply felt and resonant album yet, EARTH. Aptly named, this celebratory collection of 10 original new songs arrives on Earth Day, April 22 (available from CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more).

As Mindy Thomas, host of SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live show has noted, Charity and the JAMband make “barefoot, sun-on-your-shoulders, hula-hooping music for funky families.” With their seventh album Charity and the JAMband (Joy And Music band) celebrate not only the fresh beauty of our planet, but also the sense of unity and hopefulness inspired by experiences in nature.

A strong spiritual thread, pointing to the power of love and intentional living, runs through EARTH. The album, produced in San Francisco by bandmate Daryn Roven at The Raindrop and Studio Trilogy, begins with the acoustic and ethereal “Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart.” Each song inspires listeners toward mindfulness, especially with “Pebble Meditation Song,” which is drawn from the work of spiritual leader and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. The song “Earth Day” asserts, “Every single day should be Earth Day,” reminding us that we are all caretakers of this fragile planet. EARTH ends with a lullaby called “Little One” –  a prayer from parent to child, with all of the tender hopes, fears and dreams inherent in that foundational relationship. But this is not just a contemplative album; songs like “Share Your Love,” “Sing a Summer Song,” and “We Love Everyone” present Charity and the JAMband’s trademark rootsy-jammy rockers. JAMband’s many fans have dubbed their their musical style as “mindful rock’n’roll,” “conscious music for families,” the kind that happens when “’Free to Be You and Me’ grows up and rocks out.”

“EARTH is a celebration, like all of our albums,” notes Charity Kahn. “Whenever we record a song, there’s a metaphorical looseness, an organic earthiness that we embody. We hope to convey the feeling of openness, of aliveness … the sense that anything can happen.”

Kahn emphasizes that Charity and the JAMband concerts are “rocking celebrations of coming together as one big family, united by song, dance and love.” The band (which includes Roven, Paul Lamb, Laurie Pomeranz and David Rokeach) celebrates the release of EARTH with a free, all-ages concert at 5 pm on April 22 at The Park Chalet in San Francisco (the kick-off show for the 13th annual JAMband Family Festival Concert Series created and produced by Kahn), and more concerts at Rainbow Fest (April 24) and Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley (May 1). On Saturday May 14th, Kahn and noted storyteller Olivia Hackett-Shaughnessy will present an event for adults in San Francisco: “The Motherlode: Songs and Stories from the Vein – A Concert for the Mother.”

Charity Kahn has a degree in math from Stanford, has co-authored a book on math and music, and has worked as a software engineer in the technology industry. Motherhood opened the door to a new life of musical devotion and creation and allowed Kahn to live her real passion. Since 2002, Charity and the JAMband have been bringing the rock ‘n’ roll experience to families, touching the hearts and inspiring the dancing feet of this generation’s breed of family music lovers. Charity and the JAMband recordings include Family Values (2012), Party Like a Twinkle Star (2010, NAPPA Gold Award, Parents’ Choice® Silver Honor Award), Rock Your Socks Off (2006, Parents’ Choice® Gold Award, Children’s Music Web Gold Award, Fids & Kamily Award), and Peanut Butter and JAM (2004, Parents’ Choice® Approved Award). Charity Kahn previously released two solo albums: JAM: Music for Movement with Children (2002) and firstborn (1999). In addition to singing and recording original songs, Kahn leads popular weekly JAMboodas music and movement classes for young children, and she runs sold-out spring and summer JAMcamps for school-aged kids in San Francisco. Visit www.jamjamjam.com for the latest updates.


Explorer of the World Children’s CD Review

Are you an explorer of the world? Frances England is. And she will make you and your child one too with her unique sounds, voice, and rhythms. This CD is a favorite in our car riding collection. My daughter taps her feet and claps her hands in the back seat every time I start it up. We love the catchy beats of City Don’t Sleep and Street Life. The title track, Explorer of the World is a perfect introduction to the whole collection with its soft piano tinkling and Frances’ sweet and inviting voice.

Start exploring with this CD on April 1st on Amazon and Itunes. Find out more about Frances on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the children’s activity book below. Happy exploring!!

explorer explorer
explorer frances_england_book

Frances England, one of the most important voices in family music, takes listeners on a shimmering sonic journey and makes a bold new case for the value of paying attention to the undiscovered treasures we pass every day.
Over two years, Frances took walks around the neighborhoods of her city and, with a hand-held microphone, recorded sounds that she’d always heard, but never paid much attention to. She wrote some new songs, and with the help of Grammy winning producer Dean Jones and Dave Winer (of Justin Roberts’ Not Ready for Naptime Players), she produced her latest all-ages album.

best laid plans

I’m a Natural in My World


What are you a “natural” at doing?  I am a natural at dancing. Been doing it since the age of three. Do it all the time. Can’t help it.

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?  I prefer a one floor house. I’ve lived in both and I definitely prefer a nice one floor house, nice and spread out. Stairs are overrated!

What was your favorite subject in school?  My favorite subject in school was English. And I still enjoy writing, proofreading, editing, and reading.

Complete this sentence: If only the rain..  would fall when needed and cease when not.



Someone in my life

Someone in my life has weighed heavily on my mind the last two days. This person continues to struggle and there is very little I can do but pray and send love and light. I am actually not supposed to know that this person is struggling again, hence the anonymity. The power of prayer is obvious to me, so I knew it would help to ask for prayers from around the world. After all, I have readers in Canada, Europe, Russia, and Australia. The power reaches far and wide!

This person needs strength, comfort, compassion, and joy.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.



It makes you think.

Oasis makes you think. I received a complimentary copy of the e-version of Oasis in exchange for an honest review. I plan on buying the paperback version because I really enjoyed it and prefer to read from a book.



The story is unsettling and hopeful at the same time. It is a lesson in how we treat each other and the earth right now and how things might turn out if we don’t change our ways. It includes a lot of terms like “quietude” and “oneness” that, if used properly in this day and age, could actually avoid some of the unsettling things that happen in this book. All the events surround the main character, Theo, who is certainly put through the ringer. Oasis is a story of confusion and discovery…death and birth…known and unknown. I look forward to reading it again.#Oasis