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Make Someone Smile

Even though it was a little late, I was able to make someone smile this week. Twice.

My little neighbor and friend had a birthday a few weeks ago. She loves Paris and purple; a girl after my own heart. After many months of talking about making this for her, I finally did it! She loves it. I hope it looks nice hanging on her (purple) wall. Her mom is also my friend and fellow blogger at Mommy Has to Work.

make someone smile

Another friend had a housewarming party back in November. My intention was to gift her with a wreath for her new front door. My daughter changed that plan by getting strep throat. I was able to deliver this wreath to her on Tuesday. Maybe their new house has become a bit more homey.

make someone smile

Motherhood has made me “one of those people”: almost always late. Regardless, I try very hard to deliver what is promised, even if it is on mommy time.