The Christmas Song…The season is so beautiful within itself, but that song really let’s me know that it’s time. I’ll always remember trying to sing it at a neighborhood talent show. I’m sure it kind of sucked, but I didn’t care. I just love the song. Nat King Cole’s version melts me. 

You’ve Got A Friend…James Taylor. Loved this song for a long time, but now it makes me think of my friend, Harisa, who died in February, 2 days before my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It sends a simple, yet poignant message of unconditional love. It describes my relationship with very few people. And it’s James Taylor. ‘Nuff said. 

Hero…Mariah Carey. These days, I really don’t want to hear it, but back in my day of immaturity, struggle, finding myself, etc. it was pretty damn significant. I choreographed a dance to the song and must have performed it about 50 times. It actually helped me leave my emotionally abusive husband. 

Music. Always an emotional trigger. A universal language. So important to our culture. Love it. 

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