I have endured a myriad of medical experiences over the last two years, since the birth of my child. This includes the work of orthopedists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, hand surgeons, gynecologists, primary care physicians, and more, which can’t possibly be recalled. I’ve been through these procedures, tests, surgeries, etc. in order to answer one simple question: Why do I feel like total crap every day?

I won’t dare bore you with the gory details of my pain. All you need to know is that simply functioning on a daily basis has been incredibly difficult. I could probably count on one hand the days in the past 2 years that I was completely free of pain.

What’s blowing my mind after all this time, money, medical advice, diagnoses, prognoses, frustration, continuing pain, tears, and questions is this:

Every last one of these medical professionals has given me the same answer. What was the question again, you ask? I understand. I can’t remember anything either. 

Why do I feel like total crap every day?

Answer: Motherhood. 

I give up. 


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  1. Wow; that’s a lot of consultation and intervention. I had post-natal depression and felt terrible for a couple of years, but it wasn’t physical primarily. Is that really the best answer the specialists had? I hope you find ways to cope and to begin to feel better …. soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for looking back at my archives. Yes, being a mother for the first (and last) time at age 44, was basically the reason behind all of my problems. Lack of sleep, lifting my child, carrying my child, the hormone treatments and changes, etc. What’s really funny is that now it’s all being attributed to being peri menopausal! Ha! I can’t win.

      1. 🙂 … now that’s something I can relate too. I’ve had a range of symptoms in the last couple of years that are all being attributed to being peri menopausal. After years suffering from endometriosis, I was actually looking forward to menopause, and it’s even more miserable than what went before. As you say, can’t win!

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