its all a blur

It’s All a Blur

its all a blur

Well, it’s not ALL a blur. Just anything within 12 inches of my face!

I am beginning to suspect that I need glasses. The books, computers, and labels are getting further and further away. The headaches are frequent and seem to coincide with my online time. I’ve been pretty lucky since my Lasik surgery in 2002, so I guess I’m due for the granny glasses, the cheaters, whatever you want to call them. Ugh! Eye doctor… here I come!

It’s a bit of pain, but I guess it’s something that needs to be to done. To anyone considering getting Lasik done, then make sure you go to a really well-reviewed place. You might want to consider getting Lasik at LaserCare Eye Center or somewhere similar.

I don’t regret getting mine done either.

Sure I might have to now get some granny glasses, but if it’s meant to be then there’s not much else I can do about it. I could try photorefractive keratectormy (PRK), an alternative to LASIK surgery but given my odds of ending up with glasses, I’ll have to have a really good think about this. Besides, I might decide that I like the way I look in glasses and it’s not even that big a deal anyway. It’s more important that I can actually see.

If glasses are the solution to getting rid of my blurry vision, then that sounds like the perfect solution really. So look out doctor…. here I come!

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