Book Update: Introducing My Kula

Book Update: Introducing My Kula

Kula (Sanskrit): A community of the heart, a group coming together of its own free will. An intentional community, a family.

As mentioned before, my first book is a collaborative effort. My mind is still racing from our first gathering on Wednesday. It brought me right back to our coffee talks, book discussions, and ongoing mutual respect. They are all so excited about this venture and are happy to be included. So, it’s time to introduce this group, my kula.

my kula
Donna: Dedicated to yoga, meditation, and spiritual growth; one of the kindest souls I know.
Kate: The woman who changed my life with her caring yoga instruction and loving friendship.
MaryAnne: A fellow dancer, yogi, and writer; she embodies grace and beauty.
my kula
Mary: She sets me straight with her sense of humor and acceptance.



my kula
And our honorary kula member and my publisher, Jamar Suber; a kind-hearted man with a desire to inspire.





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