christmas kindness

Christmas Kindness

christmas kindness

This Christmas, my daughter and I are using the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2014 Calendar to celebrate the season. We usually have to move things around or make little adjustments, but we make sure that every day is covered.

Today, we mailed a handmade card to my friend’s brother in law in Afghanistan. It may not make it there by Christmas, but we can hope.

kindness card

Yesterday, we sent a ‘hug made from paper’ to my parents. Emma decorated it with stickers and adorable crayon drawings. Here is just a piece. My parents read my blog and we certainly don’t want to spoil the surprise. 🙂

Christmas Kindness

We didn’t bring coffee to her teachers because it is doubtful that they drink it while surrounded by 2 year olds. Emma colored a picture for them instead.

This experience has been extremely rewarding. It has kept us in the appropriate frame of mind for this time of year. It helps avoid some of the “dangers” of the Christmas season…stress, commercialism, family squabbles, overspending, etc.

We highly recommend the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2014 Calendar. Feel free to download it for yourself and get busy!

Merry Christmas!

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