Death of the ‘TO DO’ list

Do I rest or do I get stuff done? If I rest, I’ll feel better. If I get stuff done, I’ll feel accomplished. If I rest and don’t get anything done, I’ll be pissed the next day that I still have that stuff to do. If I get stuff done, it still won’t be enough, and I’ll still be tired. 

I don’t make ‘to do’ lists anymore. It’s too depressing. They only get longer. I never get to cross anything off. Maddening!!

Other mamas out there…are you pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down? UGH!!

4 thoughts on “Death of the ‘TO DO’ list

  1. Perhaps some of the stuff on the to do list can be delegated or eliminated. When your mind and body get the rest you need, that should be considered an accomplishment.

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