I asked for it.

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Wow. What a whirlwind month. I was begging for some time away from motherhood and I sure got it. Now I’m exhausted. It’s so different though. It’s more of a mental exhaustion. I was back in the game of work, adults, the arts, etc. It was awesome, I loved it, and am looking forward to more. It took me a bit to get my head straight for that kind of thinking again. Two years off from the adult working world can really mess with your head when you jump back in. Good news…I’ve still got it. I may even have it better than I did before. I’ve had some surprisingly  good ideas. I also am more willing to speak my mind than in the past. I go with my instinct more frequently. I am not so concerned with what other people think. But usually they think I sound pretty smart.

I think I’m gonna like this.

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