Make Someone Smile

Even though it was a little late, I was able to make someone smile this week. Twice.

My little neighbor and friend had a birthday a few weeks ago. She loves Paris and purple; a girl after my own heart. After many months of talking about making this for her, I finally did it! She loves it. I hope it looks nice hanging on her (purple) wall. Her mom is also my friend and fellow blogger at Mommy Has to Work.

make someone smile

Another friend had a housewarming party back in November. It was quite a quick move because they hired a company similar to Atlanta Home Movers to transport their belongings, all they had to do was arrange it and make it look pretty! In fact, it would’ve been earlier if it wasn’t for the fact that she had a lot of renovations to get done first. Her house was beautiful as it was, but she just wanted to update the home’s exterior to match her design tastes inside. A quick phone call to a company like to replace her windows, as well as getting in touch with a landscaping company to clean up her yard, it wasn’t long before everything was able to fall into place. Because of the new updates that she had decided to make, I had the intention of gifting her with a wreath for her new front door. My daughter changed that plan by getting strep throat. I was able to deliver this wreath to her on Tuesday. Maybe their new house has become a bit more homely.

Apparently, moving in was relatively stress-free for them as they hired a brilliant company of Boise movers to take care of transporting all of their belongings to their new property. When moving house it is fundamental that you use a moving company that you can trust, and my friend is confident that she made the right decision for her family.

There is nothing quite like moving house is there? Buying a new house is incredibly exciting, but it can be a very expensive time. There are not many people out there who can afford to buy a home outright though and so quite often people use a home loan to secure their new property.

Ultimately, if you are considering taking out any kind of loan, it is crucial that you do as much research as possible to determine that this is the right decision for you.

make someone smile

Motherhood has made me “one of those people”: almost always late. Regardless, I try very hard to deliver what is promised, even if it is on mommy time.

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