Mingle Monday and Cats!

I really love seeing all the cats on Zombie Flamingoes! They are all so cool looking. I miss having cats. I had cats from about the age of seven up until about two years ago. Found out I was extremely allergic to cats about seven years ago. Now I have a toddler and she is pretty much like having a pet. So there are probably no cats in my near future. I miss them. So, thanks Zombie Flamingoes and everybody else who shares their cats with me! Keep them coming. Meow.

Begira 1997-2008
Obsidian 1997-2013

2 thoughts on “Mingle Monday and Cats!

  1. Thanks for the plug! You can blame, I mean credit M-R for all my kitty pics. She is insistent upon their posting!! I’m sorry you’re allergic – I would miss having kitties so much.

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