She jumped right in and became a leader. She is the mother of three, including 7 month old twin girls, and a two year old boy. She was in the middle of moving and renovating. She moved out of one house and into the other with concrete floors being prepped for wood.  I definitely identified with her on that.

A bit of advice: Don’t move into a house in the middle of renovations with small children. It just doesn’t work.

But this new friend of mine made it work. With a smile on her face and a skip in her step. She quickly became a resource for neighborhood moms and families. She volunteered to help with my neighborhood charity and is more on top of things than I am. Her innate kindness is obvious. Her energy is contagious. Her love for her children is sweet. Her excitement to be in her new community is refreshing.

I look forward to getting to know my new friend better. I anxiously await an updated tour of her new/newer house with floors. Our kids will grow up together and I know we will collaborate on many ways to help other people. It will be awesome.

Thank you, neighbor and friend. Here’s to the years ahead.

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