Motivation Monday

Laundry. That might be it for today. I have my daughter and I’m babysitting another little girl. They are 3 years apart, so the combination is interesting. I couldn’t believe that it was only 9:45 when I looked at the clock. It’s only been 2 hours. 

I was proud of myself yesterday for being at the pool with my daughter for 3 whole hours. That is unprecedented. Unfortunately, I burned my back and shoulders. I’m not very good at reapplying sunscreen when I am taking care of her. Luckily, she has better skin and doesn’t burn. We played with friends, dunked our heads a few times, floated on the lazy river, and ate pizza and ice cream. Mommy even managed to slip in a piña colada smoothie. Yum. 

One load of laundry sort of done. Three to go. This should be interesting. Check back with me at 4:00, if I’m still breathing. 


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