What Now ?

Postures, Alignment, Teaching…What Now ?

Milestone…big deal…huge accomplishment…turning point…life changer. Any of those phrases are appropriate for the last two months of my life. It was a long road and a lot of hard work, but I did it. I really did it.

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20 days, 200 hours, 500 miles,  alarms, $3,000, fatigue, crying, laughing, annoyances, studying, planning, presenting, complaining, submergence, questions, disbelief, emotions, dialogue, distractions, confidence, doubt, friends, understanding, criticism,  bliss, family, mommy, yogi, ups, downs, and all arounds.


RYT 200. That’s me. (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours training)

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Now comes real life. Taking my training with me. When one does yoga and is serious about it, one must do it all the time and everywhere. Tall order.

In the meantime, here I remain in between. That stagnant feeling, not knowing what to do. Thinking that I need more training. It’s not just about postures, alignment, and proper instruction. No way. It’s much, much more.

I’ve been blessed, challenged, and changed forever.

Namaste. Really.




5 thoughts on “What Now ?

  1. There are so many emotions brought up by Yoga Teacher Training. I know that my experience made me dig deeply too. There is something about it that changes us: our perspective, our path, our life really. Being in between is such an uncomfortable place to be. But, if you can just be with it for awhile in stillness, it will be revealed. And, you are right that the 200-hour training is just the first step and that there are so many levels to Yoga. And, we just take them step by step. But, as the Good Witch Glinda said: “You have always had the power….” So, know that you know and be patient. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love and Om Shanti.

  2. Congratulations! I wonder if this is something I could do after I retire, so I’m curious about how old your oldest participant was. Of course I’d have to start going back to yoga classes first. It sure felt good when I went.

      1. Hola…..
        I was the youngest 73 year kid in the training….and not retired….after my yoga training was off to Naptune Beach teaching a workshop…. !!!!
        Came back last night !
        You are so Right…This is a way of life and after my training I realize how little I know ….and so much want to jump and learn more !!!!!
        my own relationship with my Breath and my cells have taken a new dimension !
        Lovely photos !!!!!

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