Put a fork in me…


I’m done. 

What a week! Started a new job, got my ‘visitor’ in full force, never had enough time in any day, felt like total crap, couldn’t communicate properly with anybody, wanted to break down in tears just about every five minutes, dealt with my screaming, crying, demanding, belligerent, throwing, biting two year old…need I go on?!?!?

Geez! If this week isn’t better, I give up. Men in white coats, come on. I’m ready. 

2 thoughts on “Put a fork in me…

  1. I thought I had a rough week..Sorry for your difficulty. I am mother to five and they are all adults now. I would love to be spending time with grandchildren. I worked with special needs children for many years and count my blessings that all (children and grandchildren) are healthy. This time will pass before you know it..

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