Rust for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 11: Rust

This is an old wheel from our family farm in Illinois. This farm started with my great-grandfather, was handed down to my grandfather, now belongs to my father and his siblings, and someday will be divided among the our five siblings. It is where I go to rejuvenate. It is where I take my daughter a couple times a year to enjoy the open air, hummingbirds, deer, cats, long walks, river, crops, and general good life. The history of this place is astounding. I am proud to call this my second home.


6 thoughts on “Rust for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Good use of Hugh’s challenge and following his instructions. I’m his stand-in for rounding up the challenge this week and setting the next one. 🙂 I’m his American Half. Might be my red hair. 🙂

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