Unsolicited Advice

Have you ever received a lot of unsolicited advice in a short period of time? It can be disguised with phrases like these:

  • you should…
  • did you ever consider…
  • you know what would have been good…
  • I would have…
  • why don’t you…
  • may I make a suggestion…(wish I had the guts to say NO!)

After several of these seemingly helpful suggestions, I really wanted to say, “Great idea! Go right ahead and do that! I’ll be over here minding my own !”


Sometimes it depends on who’s offering the advice. If it’s someone who has their shit together already and has a proven track record of having good ideas…no problem. Bring it on.

But if it is someone who is always late, never follows protocol, flies by the seat of their pants, and really just likes to hear themselves talk…go away quickly before you get hurt.

That’s my advice.


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