Writing 201: Setting the Scene…View from above?

imageThere is no war. Only peace. The sun shines just enough and the rain falls equally. All of us have just enough food, water, shelter, and love. We work if we want to, but we don’t have to.  Our children feel safe, nurtured, and will be ready to create their future. 

There are no riots. No discrimination. No violence. No murder. No crime. We need no jails. They’ve all been renovated into free housing for those who need it. We govern ourselves. It’s really pretty easy. We all get along and we find a way to disagree peacefully. We respect our differences. We find it quite refreshing. We laugh a lot. We tell stories. We share meals. We give away what we no longer need. 

There is an infinite amount of music, dancing, playing, singing, laughing, and joy. We certainly have negative feelings like sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, and fear, but those are all short lived. Those emotions are only there to provide the contrast we need. We handle them peacefully and move on. 

Our beliefs vary, but we learn from each other. We actually seek out people who’s beliefs are different because we are anxious to learn. We never stop expanding our knowledge of our world and the people in it. 

Does this sound impossible to you? I don’t think so. It sounds pretty simple, actually. It sounds like the intention all along. It sounds really awesome. It sounds like Heaven. 



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