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Children’s Book/CD Review: “Sleep Softly”

book review

Thank you Sugar Mountain PR for my complimentary copy of Sleep Softly in exchange for this review.

My daughter and I are enjoying this music. We have yet to use it at bedtime, but have used it for afternoon relaxation and even some waltzing. At age three, she already has an appreciation for classical music and gets lost in slow, graceful movement. She recognizes the variations in the melodies and refers to one of the pieces as “the sneaky song”.

The book includes origins of the music, translations, and poetry. While it is not ideal for reading to a young child, the information can certainly be adapted and shared in language a child can understand. The illustrations are colorful and imaginative. My daughter liked them and had her own youthful interpretations.

“Mommy, this is The Nutcracker.”


book review
“He’s upside down. You have to turn the book around.”


book review
“Princesses. Blue princess. Green princess. Yellow princess. And that’s Jack!”

This book is an excellent gift for a baby shower, birthday, christening, and even for a mother during pregnancy. The soft and peaceful sounds would benefit both mom and baby. And it’s certainly never too early to learn the classics!

For more information about this lovely collection and a sample track, click here.


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