‘Everminder’ Review

everminder review

Thank you to Bloggy Moms and EverMinder for the opportunity to sample and review the newest way to stay in touch and remember special days.

“EverMinder is a group reminder platform so that every group member is reminded about other group members’ important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.”

Downloading and setting up EverMinder was easy. It’s free, for one thing! That made me very happy off the bat. It will always be free for everyone.

Entering my family members and friends was seamless as well. I understand that the production team is working on a way to export email addresses for an even easier collection of important information.

My mother is the birthday and anniversary reminder in our family. I asked her to try it as well. This is what she said:

“Yes, I followed the formula, put in names, etc. but decided my message re each birthday would be too filled with “stuff” I did not want or need.  And I usually don’t need a reminder.”
Interesting response. I actually kind of like the “stuff”. I especially like the option in which your members can select preferred gifts from various options, like Amazon and iTunes. I also appreciate the flexibility it gives to all of its members. Each one can opt in or out of the features. The elephant mascot is especially cool. What a fresh idea!
I see Everminder as a great way for families to stay in touch, remember important occasions, and buy each other gifts with just one click!
 Try Everminder for free and keep using it for free!

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