‘How to be a Cloud’: CD Review

I received a complimentary copy of Kira Willey’s CD, How To Be A Cloud: Yoga Songs for Kids Vol. 3, for the purpose of writing this CD review.

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When my daughter comes alive, I know we have found something special. This CD is just that. Emma has music and movement in her genes, so it is no surprise that she thrives when listening to Kira’s CD. But this music has touched her in a unique way.

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I purposely play it in our upstairs loft with lots of wiggle room. Emma seems to display two emotions while moving to the sweet songs: happiness and contentment. As you can see in the photos, she is kind of transported into a world where anything goes. I especially love it when she closes her eyes, as if she is savoring the moment in the music.

We’ve listened enough times to have some favorites. Gotta Lotta Happy and Wings on a String are winners so far. The bonus tracks are quite helpful, as Kira talks you through possible yoga movements and poses for most of the songs. It is extra sweet to hear the sounds of the children in the background reacting to her suggestions.

As you can also see from the photos, Emma dances to the beat of her own drummer. The suggested movements weren’t always her first choice. That didn’t matter to me and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t matter to Kira. The music is simply happy and free.

Please also enjoy two brief YouTube videos as well.

Fun with new music!

More fun with new music!!

For more information, please visit Kira’s website. Thank you to Beth Blenz-Clucas at Sugar Mountain PR for this review opportunity.

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