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Throw Back Thursday: The Flammable Vegetarian

Throw Back Thursday to my post, The Flammable Vegetarian, from a year ago that tells you the two things you should NEVER ask me. And if you do, prepare for a smart-ass answer or protect yourself from bodily harm.

I have answered these questions quite enough and refuse to give anyone the satisfaction ever again. People should really just mind their own business most of the time. And I should Plead the Fifth whenever possible.

You’ve been warned.

throw back

mingle monday

Mingle Monday, I missed you.

mingle monday

I missed you, Mingle Monday.

It is a really good thing to be busy with my new jobs, but not a good thing to neglect blogging. Below is an excerpt from a post in October. Looking forward to Mingle Monday. Hope to see you there.

Mingle Monday looks like this:

  • read other’s posts and reblog or comment
  • share posts on mom sites
  • answer questions or prompts
  • basically mingle through the blogging world