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Feel Good Farm Fotos

Feel Good Farm Fotos…

The Marsh Farm. Established in 1937. My favorite vacation spot with my family.

This is where I go as often as I can to reboot. With the exception of the chirping birds, meowing cats, and occasional crop duster, there is silence.

Relax, breathe, and restore.


feel good feel good feel goodfeel goodA little bit of land + a lot of big ideas = 8 Point Farm.

We’re located in the Fox River valley of northern Illinois, near the confluence of the Fox and Illinois Rivers. For now, we’re experimenting — with permaculture, sustainable and small-scale (very small) farming, rain harvesting, orcharding, and beekeeping.

Plus a few chickens.


123 Andres Says Fly, Fly!

123 Andres Says Fly, Fly!

This bilingual collection of 21 songs is happy, uplifting, and oh so sweet. There are 10 songs in Spanish and 11 in English. My daughter loves it and we have a few friends who are learning Spanish in school who would love it too. He sings about seeds, flying, birds, the moon, and even about vowels!

‘Arriba Abajo’ comes out today, June 10th! Go to his website for more information.


123 123


From Andres’ website:

Andrés Salguero is 123 Andrés, one of the most exciting voices in the international family music scene today. His CD, ¡Uno, Dos, Tres, Andrés! en Español y en Inglés was nominated to the 16th Latin Grammy award as best children’s album. His much awaited second album will be released in June 2016. 123 Andrés has been hailed by Billboard as a “rock star for little language learners”. His music is an interactive celebration of Latin culture for kids and families. 123 Andrés has been featured on CNN en Español, Univision, andTelemundo stations around the country. His music has been heard on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live and WXPN’s Kids Corner, among others. Listen to the debut CD – filled with salsa, bachata, plena, mariachi and more – or find a live performance near you.

Thank you to Sugar Mountain PR for our complimentary CD in exchange for this review.


Oh Ba–Bee My Valentine!


Fluster Buster


These Valentine cards are due for delivery today. Thanks to my neighbor, Jo Ann, for her order. She asked me to make vintage cards. This was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She also told me that ‘Nana’ and ‘Grandma’ like birds. And that the cards were from her son and daughter. Sweet.

Designing and creating unique gifts for people is only half the fun. Infusing a personal story is the rest. I enjoy getting to know a bit about my customers through my work at Oh BaBee! Originals.





For the Birds, Kindness

We are a bit late in posting pictures for the last two days of our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness calendar, but it would be a shame not to share them with you. It is precious to see my little girl already understanding the importance of kindness.

We put together a little treat box for our mail carrier. Emma got to deliver it to her personally and we received this note in our mailbox the next day. kindness Our very last task was to feed the birds. Surely, this is intended for more of a winter climate than North Florida, but it was fun anyway. I also suspect that the stray cats around here may have taken advantage of our kindness before the birds got the chance. Either way, we had a good time. kindness