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Happiness is your first dance recital!

happinessHappiness is your first dance recital!

The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.

You could have cut the jubilant energy in this dressing room with a knife! These little girls and boys were beside themselves with excitement, giggles, and tons of pride as they experienced their first ever dance recital. And it was certainly contagious for all of their family and friends. We hooted and hollered together in the audience and as they tapped and tip-toed like pros! The celebration lasted long into the afternoon and all weekend with lunch, ice cream, flowers, and tons of hugs, kisses, and accolades. This mama was beaming with pride!

Congratulations, Emma! Dance on, my love.






Masterpiece for Matteo

Joining the Really Crafty Link Party today with my masterpiece for Matteo. Check out this adorable little guy! I just had to make him a little something. It’s made with upcycled shirt fabric and glass stones, and embellishments of a bubbling fish, a sweet seal, and a happy octopus. I hope Matteo dreams about sailing on the open sea with this on his nursery wall.

masterpiecemasterpiece masterpiece masterpiece


Zack & Quack: Pop into Easter!

kaboom! entertainment provided me with a free Zack & Quack DVD in exchange for this review and giveaway.










If your child likes pop-up books, he or she will LOVE Zack & Quack!  It is a terrific combination of 2D and 3D paper characters, some of which look a bit like origami, and pop-up books, which serve as the scenery for the stories. Zack & Quack are a boy and a duck who solve problems together, like curing hiccups and helping the Easter Bunny round up the chocolate chickens. The five episodes also include a trip to the circus, a boomerang adventure, and an Easter egg hunt.  Each story is action packed and a whole lot of fun!

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