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mingle monday

Mingle Monday, I missed you.

mingle monday

I missed you, Mingle Monday.

It is a really good thing to be busy with my new jobs, but not a good thing to neglect blogging. Below is an excerpt from a post in October. Looking forward to Mingle Monday. Hope to see you there.

Mingle Monday looks like this:

  • read other’s posts and reblog or comment
  • share posts on mom sites
  • answer questions or prompts
  • basically mingle through the blogging world

Mingle Monday: One Word

one word

I was honored, to begin with, that Be Like Water shared one of my most popular and meaningful posts, PPD and Me. It was the comment left by SandySays1 that touched me.

“One word…dedication.”

She really hit the nail on the head. My story is about lots of things, but most of all, it is a story of manifestation. And it certainly takes dedication to manifest one’s desires. There was nothing I desired more than being a mother. The whole process of IVF is nerve racking, tenuous, and emotional, but my thoughts rarely swayed from complete hope and belief. There was no option other than a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby. And even when PPD and anemia  made their wicked entrance after birth, the hope never failed. I knew we would be OK.

So, SandySays1, thank you for your one word. It’s worth a thousand.

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