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Heart Full of Pride and Love

My heart is so full of pride for my Kula and their contributions to my book being released on Friday November 4th.  In So Many Words is my honest and personal view of a small group of women who helped me change my life through yoga and spiritual guidance.

In this video from my YouTube Channel, Shanti Mom For One, Kate reads an excerpt from the chapter we wrote together. It is all about a simple handshake that has changed hundreds of lives.

My book will be available on Amazon and on my brand new website, also being launched on November 4th. I hope you will join in on the conversation.


How my daughter made everything better

As I lay next to my daughter at bed time last night, silently sobbing because of the guilt I felt for yelling at her 30 minutes earlier, I knew something had to change. So today, I focused my energies on her. We spent the whole day together, coloring, making things, watching TV, and having ‘tea’.


It was a great day that ended with a very sweet night.

She seems to be very pensive at bed time lately. She just lies there, staring at her new princess decals on her wall, deep in thought.

Tonight, we had this conversation:

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What?”

Emma: “I feel like you.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Emma: “I feel like someone who’s not me.”

Me: “Does it feel good?”

Emma: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, that’s good. And, you know, we are a lot alike. You are a smaller version of me. After all, you lived in my belly for a long time.”

Emma: “So, we’re twins.”

Me: “Yes, kind of. You’re the little twin and I’m the big twin.”

Then Daddy walked in the room to say goodnight and we told him about our conversation.

Here I sit, writing this, still completely floored by my daughter.


short and sweet

Short and Sweet Saturday

On my last day of yoga teacher training, my daughter and I had a short and sweet conversation I will never forget. It went a little something like this:

Emma: Mommy, where are you going?

Me: To my yoga class. It’s my last day.

Emma: Then it will be your birthday!

Me: No, my birthday was last week. But it is graduation day.

Emma: So, you have one more yoga class. Then you will have graduation. Then you will have your second birthday!

Me: You are so right, Emma!

Emma: Good job, Mommy!


short and sweet