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Judging My Book By Its Cover

Lately, I’ve been judging quite a lot of things about my book. In fact, at one point, I made myself sick to my stomach worrying about the cover. It was a meaningful design based on an old Soul Collage of mine, but the collage included magazine photos which, of course, are protected by copyright laws. At first, I tried to find the best way to deal with all of that and keep the cover design, but it wasn’t working. I was getting nowhere.

My stomach settled immediately when I decided to ditch that cover and start from scratch. I kept it simple and now, we are getting somewhere. It’s an interesting feeling when you put yourself out there like this. It’s all about judgment. People will judge me, my talents, my abilities, my experiences, and my choices.

Big step. And I’m willing to take it. Satisfaction will come when some of you out there are willing to take a step toward me and hear my story. Hope to see you there.


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Behind the Scenes Book Scoop

Behind the Scenes Book Scoop…

Have you been wondering about my book? Did you think I gave up? Were you devastated about it? Well, fear not! Here is the scoop and it’s oh so exciting!

Cover Art

My publisher asked me the other day if I was a painter and I said no, but showed him my Oh BaBee! Originals portfolio and he was drawn to one of my pieces, my favorite piece as a matter of fact. He suggested that I create and photograph a new piece for the cover of my book. Interesting…never even thought of that! I’ll do it.

behind the scenes

Promo Video

We are in the very beginning stages of a promotional video using the lovely Amy Dix with High Rise Promotions as a consultant. She is a firecracker and knows all there is to know about promoting anything and everything. She’s also just so darn fun to be around!

Launch Party

Discussions are in the works for a launch party in a beautiful, relaxing, intimate location with special guests from a local, up and coming group of young artists and entrepreneurs! Did you notice the discretion? Yes! Don’t want to give too much away. We must keep you guessing.

behind the scenes



Ugh. The title. The most important part of the book. I’ve had a working title since October and have never really liked it. It’s time to get serious about this. Maybe, just maybe, the art work created for the cover will lead me to a title. Or the other way around. Or not. Ugh.


No matter what, my release date is 11/1/16. Follow me on this exciting journey for the next four months. It should be a good one. And thank you for being interested. That’s good too.