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cute things

Kids do such cute things!

cute things

One of the many advantages of being a stay at home mom is witnessing the amazingly cute things my daughter does while playing. Her imagination is remarkable with unending creativity. Most of it makes me giggle. Some of it blows my mind. All of it makes me smile, without fail.

Her current obsessions are princesses and play dough. You wouldn’t think the two would be compatible, but my daughter can prove you wrong. She also apparently thinks that it’s perfectly normal for princesses to hang upside down in plantation blinds! I can only assume that these are superhero princesses. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Of course, most children do love superheroes, so that might make sense. Maybe she has seen a comic book lying around or something. Perhaps we should start reading comic books with her to see if she enjoys them. One of my friends was actually telling me that there was a study done to see which comic book universe each state prefers (click here to see). Perhaps I should look at that before looking into comic books. Maybe superheroes will be her next phase.

cute things

And of course, any good play time must include a tea party. In this case, it was a hot (warm) chocolate party. Looking so darn pretty in her Cinderella dress and 80’s sequin headband, I couldn’t resist a few action shots.

Such cute things!

cute things



It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It really is the most wonderful time. It always has been for my family. What a joy it is to pass the wonder on to my daughter. We just keep doing fun things. And no matter what stresses me out or who ticks me off, I can always go back to doing more fun things with my daughter, in the spirit and wonder of Christmas.

christmas 2014

Here she is hanging out with The Mouse King, whom she was afraid of up until that moment. That’s actually why I moved him outside! Go figure.

And she’s become an expert at puzzles. Even though she consistently says, “I can’t do it!”, she always can. She is assembling a Rudolph and Hermie puzzle sent by her grandparents.

She is very proud of the lights, bows, wreaths, and poinsettias that Daddy arranged on the house. Sometimes it’s nice to have a husband who is in touch with his feminine side.

One day a couple of weeks ago, she accidentally broke the arm off of our dancing Santa. He had been set aside for repair, but before I knew it, she had collected her “Doc McStuffins” bag and begun a little doctoring. At one point I heard her say something like, “Now I know the diagnosis, Santa. You broke your arm.” Priceless!

In the bottom right corner, you see her on one of our rare Florida winter days when she actually needed a coat and a hat. As I write this today, it’s about 70 degrees outside. Nice weather, but totally unpredictable.

christmas 2014

Winnie the Pooh hangs on our tree, compliments of Gappy. Emma has become pen pals with my parents and this was part of the last delivery. Whenever Emma receives something in the mail, she “reads” it. In her mind, it always has three basic phrases: 1.) Dear Emma, 2.) Happy Birthday, and 3.) I love you so much.

I posted about our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Calendar last week. It’s tough to keep up with, but we are doing our best. Lately, we have picked up trash in the park, stuffed stockings for homeless children, paid for the coffee of the customer behind us in the drive-through and called a few distant relatives.

The train and the ladders are parts of my parents’ amazing Christmas village and train set. They assemble it on the piano every year and send pictures and videos to Emma. They even blow a train whistle. Emma adores it and them. If you want your own Christmas village for your home, going online to https://www.forsale.plus/christmas-village-thomas-kinkade will help you out and you’ll be able to find something your family will love, just like my Emma does!

Emma made the angel ornament at a play date this week. It was supposed to have her picture in the middle but somebody forgot it. No worries. It is stunning anyway!

A wonderful time of the year, indeed.