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Zone In and Out Again

There are two times during the week in which I fall into my zone and work on my book. One is while my daughter is in dance class and the other is after Saturday yoga and coffee. The last two times, I’ve noticed two interesting things.

1.) Routine is NOT usually my thing. I hardly ever stick to the same schedule. But for this, I do. It is surprising what motivation toward a huge goal can do for a person.

2.) Once in the zone, it is difficult to get out. When I hear my daughter and her little dancer friends emerging from class after being deep in writing mode for an hour, I have to look up, take a breath, and remind myself of where I am. It’s actually kind of a cool feeling. Zoning out is nice.

My first draft is due on April 1st. Between now and then are meetings with my publisher and my Kula. My zone will be inhabited by others and the real work begins.

Bring it on.


release date

Book Release Date

My apologies for the onslaught of product reviews over the last couple days. What else is a girl to do who works really hard for little or nothing? Get free stuff and give it away for Christmas presents, that’s what!!

Anyway, here I sit, doing important work. My book. Thanks to my Kula and my publisher for contributing to and looking over my first draft of part of the book. This is scary! Do my words mean anything to anybody else? Do I have an interesting story? Can I write in a way that makes people want to know more? Yeesh! I don’t know for sure.

So far, I have shared very little about my book on purpose. But right here and now, I will share one significant detail…

Release date: November 1, 2016


release date


Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Just yesterday, in Starbucks of all places. It wasn’t a movie or a song. It was my own blog. I started writing a post that I’ve been putting off for exactly this reason. I knew it was going to upset me. Sure enough. Got half way through and started crying. In the comfy leather chair by the window at Starbucks. Oh joy. I hit ‘save draft’ and just sat there covering my face with my hand. Thankfully, it wasn’t a gusher. I got over it and left. Who knows when I’ll visit that draft again.