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Favorite Easter Moments

We survived four Easter egg hunts, two big Easter meals, and WAY too much candy this past week. Sometimes I want to simply crawl under a rock during a holiday, but always come out on the other side happy to have stayed above ground.

These are some of my favorite Easter moments. We spent time with friends, family, and cute little people. Somehow, those little people make it all worthwhile.

favorite easter momentsfavorite easter moments


Zack & Quack: Pop into Easter!

kaboom! entertainment provided me with a free Zack & Quack DVD in exchange for this review and giveaway.










If your child likes pop-up books, he or she will LOVE Zack & Quack!  It is a terrific combination of 2D and 3D paper characters, some of which look a bit like origami, and pop-up books, which serve as the scenery for the stories. Zack & Quack are a boy and a duck who solve problems together, like curing hiccups and helping the Easter Bunny round up the chocolate chickens. The five episodes also include a trip to the circus, a boomerang adventure, and an Easter egg hunt.  Each story is action packed and a whole lot of fun!

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