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Orange You Glad it’s Fundanoodle Friday?

Orange (Level One) Fundanoodle products are designed for children starting as early as age 2.5. It is a collection of activity books using numbers, letters, patterns, mazes, matching, coloring and many other aspects of young learning. You’ve already learned about I Can Cut! and I Can Do Fun Activities.

Now, let’s introduce I Can Do Math and Max and Alphie’s Adventures! Activities Book. All Fundanoodle books are top spiral bound. This allows the book to lay flat and is easy for either a righty or a lefty to use!


I Can Do Math! Level 1
9″ x 12″
Essential math concepts in support of Common Core State Standards are included in this Level 1 book. Children have fun learning numbers (1-10), number words, shapes and other preschool math skills. Includes a colorful sticker reward system. 40 pages
Price: $9.99


Max & Alphie’s Adventures! Level 1
9″ x 12″
Full of fun exercises, this activity book improves hand control and endurance, builds confidence and develops fine motor skills. Children learn and have fun as they connect the dots, navigate mazes, find hidden objects and color within the visual boundaries. Includes a colorful sticker reward system. 40 pages.
Price: $9.99

Max & Alphie’s Adventures! Activity Book

Success Saturday!

Since I missed Fundanoodle Friday…how about Success Saturday?

The reason I missed my weekly Fundanoodle post is simply because of my two Fundanoodle events. A lot of moms, dads, teachers, grandparents, and therapists learned about Fundanoodle this weekend and were blown away!

success success success


I sold quite a few of our Magnetic Dry Erase Lettering Practice Board.

Product # 15283
Magnetic Dry Erase Lettering Practice Board
12″ x 9″
This write-on, wipe-off magnetic dry erase board makes it easy for children of all ages to practice writing. Pre-printed stop-and-go boxes and ruled lines provide visual cues, helping children align numbers and letters, and stay within writing boundaries. The “I Can Build Letters!” magnets are a perfect companion product!
Price: $14.99


Fundanoodle Friday: I Can Pound!


Fundanoodle is an education readiness program designed by pediatric occupational therapists and elementary school teachers to develop and improve the motor skills needed for success in and out of the classroom.

fundanoodleIt’s been a while since I mentioned Fundanoodle, but you will be seeing a lot more of it since it is taking the educational world by storm! Currently a Junior Ambassador, well on my way to full avodart-dutasteride.com, I am working hard to introduce this product to teachers, parents, grandparents, caregivers, and therapists.

Each Friday, I will highlight one product, beginning with our most popular and best-selling product, I CAN POUND! Here are some of my little friends enjoying their I Can Pound Kit. Visit my Fundanoodle site and look forward to next Friday’s highlighted product. And while you’re there, say hello to our mascots, Max and Alfie!


fundanoodle fundanoodle FullSizeRender (2) fundanoodle


a day in the park

A Day in the Park

I spent a day in the park selling, networking, chatting, and playing. It was a truly eclectic experience as I came in contact with people of all ages, colors, personalities, and walks of life.

Hemming Park in Jacksonville, FL is an up and coming area offering outdoor entertainment, dining, visual and performing arts, and children’s activities. It is also an attraction for homeless folks as it is wide open in the middle of downtown. Although, I was bothered by the cigarette and cigar smoke that wafted into my booth for five hours, I was intrigued by the ongoing checker and chess games played by men and women, young and old, homeless and not. It seems to be their meeting place and I was glad they had it.

Christian, a 22 year old gentleman with Downs Syndrome, hung out with me for quite a while. I believe his mother was playing chess across the way. He colored and played right along with the children. He handed me his credit card at one point to buy a few things but scoffed at the prices. I gave him a handmade Christmas card and a shopping bag he liked. He talked with anybody about anything. It was priceless.

a day in the park

This family hung out with me for a good thirty minutes. While her children played with the Fundanoodle products, the mom and I talked a lot about education. She supports her children so strongly and has gone to great lengths to ensure their quality education. The kids helped me clean up my booth. They got a free handmade Christmas card too.

It was a great day for a lot of reasons. The number one reason: the people.

a day in the parka day in the park