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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Season

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23– Season

A beautiful and loving season of yoga and community ended last weekend. After 15 years in business, Ocean Yoga Center closed its doors. We laughed a lot and cried a bit, but vowed to meet again somewhere. The friendships remain. The lessons continue to be learned. Many lives will never be the same because of the positive energy within those walls.

Before I left, I kissed this window goodbye. It felt a bit silly, but I didn’t care. I’ve probably expressed every emotion possible in that space. It was safe. It was my sanctuary.



Full Moon Yoga Gratitude

After already feeling gratitude for my Full Moon Yoga class last night, I was extra pleased to come outside and see the moon between the clouds. We had tapped into our divine feminine energy and filled the indoor space with such beauty. Now the sky was gorgeous as well.

Rarely do I capture a decent shot of the moon, but these aren’t too shabby. At every stop light on my way home, I took a few shots. The street lights often got in the way, but some views were spectacular. Of course, the camera never does it justice.

It really never seems to matter how my day has unfolded. I can be frustrated, uptight, sad, angry, discouraged when I arrive at the studio to teach. But, a mere five minutes in, it all melts away. It is the sacred space, the people, the breathing, and the energy that soothes and restores me. Gratitude.

Here is a wonderful article by Jen Reviews about the Benefits of Yoga.


She jumped right in and became a leader. She is the mother of three, including 7 month old twin girls, and a two year old boy. She was in the middle of moving and renovating. She moved out of one house and into the other with concrete floors being prepped for wood.  I definitely identified with her on that.

A bit of advice: Don’t move into a house in the middle of renovations with small children. It just doesn’t work.

But this new friend of mine made it work. With a smile on her face and a skip in her step. She quickly became a resource for neighborhood moms and families. She volunteered to help with my neighborhood charity and is more on top of things than I am. Her innate kindness is obvious. Her energy is contagious. Her love for her children is sweet. Her excitement to be in her new community is refreshing.

I look forward to getting to know my new friend better. I anxiously await an updated tour of her new/newer house with floors. Our kids will grow up together and I know we will collaborate on many ways to help other people. It will be awesome.

Thank you, neighbor and friend. Here’s to the years ahead.